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Wings Harness & Container
Wings Harness & Container
Wings Harness & Container
If you compare the Wings to other rigs on the market you will see that the Wings does not have the "kink" on the main lift web that you will see on other rigs out there.
Wings Ring Cover
Cordura BOC . Hackey. No bridle exposure
Cordura BOC with freefly handle. No bridle exposure!
Spandex BOC with hackey handle. No bridle exposure
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Wings Harness & Container

Wings Package with ZP 9-Cell

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    Why should I consider a Wings Aerial System?

    Our goal in producing a new harness/container system was to combine 15 years of industry experience with extensive research. Recent years have brought about new developments in harness/container design, but have also created new challenges. Wings was designed to accommodate all the demands of new age skydivers while maintaining the traditional needs of safety, comfort, and reliability. Following, you will find detailed explanations from Construction to Rigging, why Wings Aerial System is the right harness/container system for you.

    Harness design - Wings is designed to take comfort an extra step while increasing the overall harness strength. It is one of only two systems on the market today that has passed the TSO C23CD. This means that the Wings harness has been thoroughly tested and approved for heavier weights at higher speeds. With skydiving headed in so many new directions we offer a versatile harness that conforms to our changing sport. 
    Articulated Harness - After several years of testing, we have designed a truly flexible ring system. No system on the market has been able to take full advantage of a ring intersection until now. We found that the ring intersection needs to be where the lateral, main lift web and leg pads meet. This means there is no longer a need for individual leg pad connections because of the 45-degree angle that all leg pads assume when wearing a harness. Wings Aerial System allows true flexibility at the ring and no twisting or flexing load is taken by the webbing. This is a common problem among other systems; the ring simply does not flex and the webbing on the harness bends and flexes instead. 

    Finally a harness that functions truly as a flexible ring system. No System on the market has been able to take full advantage of the ring intersection until now, with Wings Superior design. 


    This feature makes the rig mold to your body like no other rig on the market. Once you
    are hanging under canopy the rig is also extremely comfortable, thanks to the cut in laterals. 

    The reserve flap has also been improved. It is longer and it also has a wider tape
    on the back to keep it secure. 

    Our yoke is contoured, and together with the round rings above your hip you will
    find that the rig is fully articulating.

    Riser covers - Sunrise Rigging believes that a riser cover design should be simple, but effective. Too many of today's systems have problems with riser covers opening at the wrong time. There is a fine line between making them too tight and obstructing your openings; and/or, too loose and having them open unexpectedly. We found that the number one problem was that once a rig has 50+ jumps on it, the stiffeners inside the tuck tabs begin to bend abnormally. This is due to the fact that when a rig is packed, the shoulder straps need to bend whether it's being worn or not. The Wings riser covers were designed so the bend in the shoulder strap is not in the tuck tabs, therefore preventing this bend in the stiffener. This in turn will keep our tabs closed when they are meant to be closed, and open when meant to be open. 

    Bottom of Container Pouch - To avoid the problem of replacing your spandex BOC pockets every 200-300 jumps, we have designed our BOC pouch into the container. It is manufactured with the same 1000D cordura as the container to reduce wear and tear. We have also developed a larger, spacious pouch to allow the pilot chute to be flattened, giving the bottom of the container a cleaner, sleek look. 
    Freestyle Handle - In addition to the new pouch design we have also invented a new type of handle for the throw out pilot chute, which we call the Freestyle Handle. Here we have combined the low profile advantage of the "PUD" pull out system with the throw out pilot chute. This new cutting edge design will drastically reduce the potential of premature deployment. There is NO bridle exposure and the Freestyle Handle is easy to grab, while remaining tight and smooth with the bottom of the container. 

    Overall Comfort - Not until now has there been a harness that is as comfortable on the ground, in the aircraft and especially under canopy. Wings harness configuration is designed so that when standing erect there is no unnecessary tension placed on the hips, chest or legs. When sitting in the aircraft the harness flexes so that it forms to your position instead of restricting you. 
    Most importantly, the nature of all harnesses put a lot of pressure on the thighs while under canopy (especially in the groin area). Sunrise Rigging has designed a harness that brings your legs slightly forward. This places most of the load on the back of the thigh, allowing you to feel as if you are sitting in a harness, rather than hanging from straps between your legs. The harness and lateral combine to give the most comfort. 

    Anti-Line Twist Main D-Bag - Line twists can be a real problem, especially with today's elliptical canopies. We have reduced this problem with an innovative way of stowing the canopy lines. Instead of the traditional side of the bag stows, the new bag keeps all lines and stows on top of the D-Bag. This keeps the tension during deployment in the center of the bag instead of on the sides, which can cause the bag to teeter totter back and forth, potentially leading to line twists.


    Free Bag Design - Wings Aerial System is equipped with a true molar free bag that is designed for riggers by a rigger. This unique split bag design allows riggers of all experience levels to easily fill the ears of the free bag, maximizing space, which allows for neater closure of the container. The no velcro line snag pouch will avoid that pesky problem of having velcro touching the reserve lines, in turn fraying them. No other system on the market is as rigger friendly as the Wings free bag. 

    Reserve Pilot Chute - In an effort to create a reserve pilot chute that provides a speedy deployment as well as dependability, given any presentation to the wind, we have found a solution. Various and extensive testing has resulted in the Wings pilot chute which is almost 80% F-111 and 20% mesh. The idea behind this design was that many times the skydiver is not in a perfect "belly to earth" position when deploying his reserve. This design offers a pilot chute that will create drag from any angle allowing the reserve to be deployed equally as fast given any position. 
    Additional Rigging Advantages

    Velcro-free maintenance on the entire system (except free bag). 
    Cordura BOC pouch option. A cordura BOC pouch is maintenance free; no spandex to replace. 
    Fewer rigging tools needed. Do away with the potentially dangerous molar strap. Also, we have unique Velcro guards on the line pouch. No more hassle and easier packing. 

    What options should I choose?

    Wings Aerial System is designed to be an outstanding harness/container with or without extra options. But options not only allow you to individualize your gear, but increase the re-sale value as well.

    Standard Harness versus Articulated Harness - Wings standard harness is designed to be more comfortable in any position than all other systems on the market. The articulated harness allows increased flexibility as well as transferring the load from the webbing to a steel ring. When you move in your harness the webbing generally folds, bends and twists as your body position changes. The ring system allows the webbing to slide on the ring instead of bending and twisting. This in turn allows the person wearing the harness more ease of movement. 

    Collapsible Pilot Chutes - The introduction of zero porosity material to the industry has allowed canopy manufacturers to create the highest performing canopies ever. With this increased performance more emphasis is put on reducing unnecessary drag and wind resistance caused by non-collapsible pilot chutes. Sunrise Rigging has produced top of the line collapsible pilot chutes for the last 8 years. Many have tried to copy the design but the quality of our pilot chute comes from the intricate design and care put into production. There is no substitute for quality and this is where the competitors have fallen behind. With thousands of pilot chutes distributed worldwide, you won't find a better collapsible anywhere else. 

    Main Deployment Methods - The two most common methods of deployment for experienced jumpers are the BOC and Pull-Out systems. For a Wings with BOC deployment, you may choose either a plastic handle, hackey handle or our freestyle handle. Many freefliers like BOC deployment, but would like the most low-profile handle possible, and for that they choose our freestyle handle. Our pull-out system offers the advantages of the pull-out with the low-profile aspect of our BOC system, along with an easy to grab PUD handle. 

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