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Vector 3 Front & Back
Vector 3
Vector 3 Front & Back
Vector 3

Vector 3 / Micron

Item #: UPT-V3
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    The outstanding design of Vector III and the new Vector III Micron, secures all riser and pincover flaps, even in the most radical freefall, without using Velcro.
    The main pin flap's closing, from the bottom up, protects the pin better, particularly while moving around in the aircraft and during freestyle maneuvers.

    The Uni-Body construction, while providing a smoother profile contour, also creates a pocketed corner, which safely routes the main bridle to the bottom of the container. This feature is built into the reserve container and protects it during unstable openings. No matter which main pilot chute location you choose, the bridle will be safely hidden and snag proof.

    The ergonomically designed harness curves over your shoulders nicely. It provides greater comfort and it fits narrow shoulders as well. The harness is also stronger as a result of improved confluence construction.
    The Vector III has an overall cleaner look, a more protective design and a tailored design and comfortable fit.

    You can now fly your Vector 3 in full comfort, with the introduction of the 3D Spacer Foam backpad. The difference is unbelievable – the spacer foam conforms to the jumper after several jumps, and the cut-out channel on the backpad allows for air circulation on the back. All of our test jumpers have also reported that their rigs feel incredibly stable on their backs, with far less movement with the same tension applied from their harnesses. The spacer foam also extends to the leg pads for increased comfort.

    Center Flap:
    Refer to the Vector drawing on the Sport Order Forms (Micron :: M-Series) and enter the colors you have chosen next to the corresponding numbers. It may help to color the drawing first, to get an idea of what your rig will look like. You may use one of our printed coloring sheets for this or use our 3-D coloring program that is located on our website. Please be aware that neon fabrics and tapes fade rapidly. Their color brilliance may be lost within a year. For available colors please check the latest Relative Workshop color samples. If you use other manufacturers samples please send a physical sample in with your order. We also offer split color options. Please refer to our split color option order forms. Tie-dye is available for the whole rig or just certain panels.
    This decorative trim adds accents of color. Folded trim tape is inserted and stitched in between each wedge of the center flap, A-G (2-7). Piping is optional.

    Louie Loop
    Over the top dive loop raises the dive loop over 1" from the position of the standard dive loop giving greater power in your dives and less physical strain on your arms.

    *You must select the Louie Loop option for your risers when ordering*

    Main Pilot Chute
    F-111, ZP
    Handles: Monkey Fist, Free-fly,   Plastic
    Size: 27", 30", 33"
    Type: F-111, ZP
    Handles: Monkey Fist, Free-fly,   Plastic
    Size: 27", 30", 33"

    F-111: Due to its properties it lets some air through and produces less "dancing" of the bag as the pilot chute inflates and pulls the main canopy from the deployment bag.

    ZP: Zero Porosity has a greater pull force because little to no air passes through it this in turn exerts a greater pull force. ZP on average last twice as long.

    Custom made order:
    Print the PDF, complete it and fax it to us:
    click on Micron PDF Order formM-Series PDF Order Form
    Go to Coloring Program to design your canopy

    Container Sizing Chart
    Coloring Sheet

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