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Classic PRO 3 Back
Classic PRO 3 Back
Classic PRO 3 Back
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Classic PRO 3 Harness
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Talon Classic PRO 3

Item #: RI-PRO3
Retail: $2,450.00 Price: $2,082.50
You Save: $367.50 (15.0%)

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    The Classic Pro 3.0 is the third generation of the legendary Talon Classic series

    Accuracy rig fits the body ergonomically and comfortably while also allowing for a ram-air reserve

    Plastic tuck tab riser covers give superior holding power, yet release smoothly  and evenly.

    Beginning in 1990, the Talon Classic was the first modern piggyback system designed    exclusively for classic style and accuracy jumping. The Classic Pro 3.0 continues    the tradition of providing discipline specific features in a smooth, streamlined    package. There are more Talon Classic systems in use around the world for style    and accuracy than all other systems combined.
    Rigging Innovations was the first to take the traditional accuracy canopies and  mate them to smaller packing ram-air reserves to create a smooth and balanced package that fits the body ergonomically and comfortably.

    The CP 3.0 is built on the Talon 3.0 foundation and incorporates features found on the smaller Talon. The riser covers utilize plastic tuck tabs for superior holding power yet release smoothly and evenly. The main pin protector is an upward closing design that is secure and easy to use.

    The reserve container design has been used since 1992, and is one of the easiest to pack.

    - 3-ring suspension point moved out of the line of vision which allows a clear view of the target
    - Double wide leg straps and pads provide maximum comfort while under canopy
    - Rigging Innovations is the industry leader in harness design and is known for the variety of harness configurations developed over the years. Sandy Reid is the inventor of the articulated or ring harness and holds the US Patent on the concept.
    - The current harness used on the Classic Pro 3.0 is the latest configuration of that concept. The ā€œVā€ Flex harness configuration is acknowledged as the best in the industry for form, fit, and function. Designed with articulating rings at the hip and chest positions, it allows for maximum comfort and fit for all body sizes and types. The 3-ring suspension point is intentionally moved upward to provide a vertical body position thereby allowing a clear view of the target during the approach phase.
    - Well padded, double wide leg straps and pads provide maximum comfort while under canopy. The main risers come standard with classic hard toggles for better canopy feel and control. Soft toggles are an option.
    - Overall, the Talon Classic series and now the Classic Pro 3.0, continues the tradition of providing maximum performance for those individuals and teams jumping in the classic competition and demonstration environment.


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