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TonySuit X-BIRD 3 Expert
TonySuit S-BIRD
TonySuit X-BIRD 3 Expert
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3
TonySuit X-BIRD 3

X-Bird 3 Expert

Item #: AR-XBird3
Price: $1,750.00


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    If you are an expert wingsuit pilot looking for amazing glide performance and speed then this suit is for you. The suit is optimized for long flights, not just to stay in the air longer but also to fly further. Pilots will be amazed at the range of the suit, from slow & floaty to fast & aggressive.

    In 2010 the X-bird become a common site on dropzones and BASE exits worldwide, with jumpers being blown away by the suits fast starts, glide performance and overall how easy it was to fly. The myth of slow forward was also dispelled - need speed? Just give the suit more angle.

    The X-bird 3 is a close relative of the Apache Rebel incorporating many of the same design improvements BUT still has the harness on the outside of the suit keeping it skydive friendly. The arm wing has been completely redesigned using a new thicker cambered profile. This new profile has improved the slow speed characteristics of the suit, whilst also improving stability and arm pressure. The new arm increases the total surface area and handling is easy thanks to the wide leg stance. The X3 is aimed primarily at skydiving pilots focused on performance flying and also BASE jumpers looking for maximum glide. The X3 is a serious competition suit but with practice can also be used for flocking.

    By popular demand we will continue to manufacture the original X-bird 1 and X-bird 2. Why? Even though the X3 out performs them there are still customers who don't need more performance and love the balance and feel provided by the original X-birds.

    Last 3 pictures are videos about:
    - Suit features and options
    - How to dress and attach the suit
    - Measurements

    If you are just starting out in the wingsuit discipline then the Intro is the suit for you!

    If you are just starting out in the wingsuit discipline then the Intro is the suit for you!

    If you are just starting out in the wingsuit discipline then the Intro is the suit for you!
    Features of the X-bird:
    Optimized wing surface area
    Air locked inlets 
    Retractable leg wing
    Sharpened trailing edge
    Semi rigid shaped leading edge
    Wide leg stance
    Adjustable Inflation
    Easy zip attachment
    Rigid wing tip grippers
    Full length zips
    Escape sleeve
    Heavy duty construction
    High grade materials
    Durable 10mm YKK Zips
    Custom made to your size
    "Fast-back" deflector
    Optional leg zip extenders
    Optional B.A.S.E. Soles
    Optional Expansion Zips
    Semi rigid shaped leading edge:
    the arm wing leading edge incorporates semi-rigid foam inserts to improve the air flow over the arm wing and increase performance.

    Escape Sleeve 2:
    Would you like to be able to reach your toggles without unzipping? With the escape sleeve that is exactly what you can do! There is no need for a release system, thanks to the carefully tailored arm sleeve design you can reach up and immediately grab your risers / toggles after opening. With the release of the Apache suit which utilizes a greater arm sweep angle, the Escape Sleeve has been further refined and updated to allow even easier access to your toggles. Check out the gallery for video of Matt Gerdes demonstrating the Escape sleeve.

    Air locked inlets:
    Standard on all TonySuits are our industry leading air locked inlets offering fast and rock solid pressurization.

    Easy Zip attachment:
    TonySuits are probably the easiest wingsuits to attach and use thanks to the over the shoulder zip attachment.

    Variable Pressurization :
    Zips installed in the arm and leg wings allow the amount of pressurization to be varied. By opening the zips the amount of pressurization is reduced, useful for dialing in your suit performance to match a flock or to follow students.

    for an extra performance boost the fast back option is available - the fast-back is a deflector that inflates on the back of the suit, streamlining the parachute container form to improve the air flow over the back of the suit.

    Extended Leg Zips (optional):
    if you have difficulty reaching down to unzip your leg wing then you will find this option useful, the zip pull is extended up the side of the leg making unzipping easier and quicker. 

    BASE Soles (optional):
    the BASE sole option is provided for BASE jumpers who wish to have more grip on the exit point. The BASE soles are heavy duty studded rubber pads that are attached to the normal leather bootie, ideal for improving your footing on top of the mountain. The "Stealth rubber" is supplied by 5.10, the famous climbing shoe manufacturer - perfect for the job. 

    Expansion Zips (optional):
    the expansion zips allow for the size of a suit to changed - ideal for student demo suits and also for jumpers who jump during winter wearing bulky extra clothing

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    For measurements click on the last picture to play the video

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