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Flex Vision Goggles

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    FlexVision High Speed Eyewear were originally designed to meet the demands of the skydive industry where clarity and durability are critical performance characteristics. And, although they have become increasingly popular throughout the skydiving market worldwide, they are even more recently being recognized by military units and motorcyclists who are looking for an inexpensive, yet reliable form of eye protection for multiple uses. 

    The lenses are manufactured from press-polished sheets of thermoplastic vinyl material treated with durable, highly polished hardcoat to form a flexible, optically clear material. The result is a product that offers superior scratch-resistance, dimensional stability, excellent clarity, and superior weathering performance. 

    FlexVision adds no metal grommets, hinges, foam padding, adhesive-placed tubing, or sharp cuts in the design - all of which have been proven to compromise the integrity of the lense material, field of vision, and all-around durability and lifetime of the final product. Each pair is individually sanded on the inside for a smooth finish, and offer a wide field of vision. A thick bungi strap pulled through a small hole in the lense allows the user to adjust the tension with no need to make a knot. Just pull to the desired tension and release. This "Friction Lock" design is a nice feature, especially for students and tandems where there is a need to change settings often. Simply release the friction lock, fold the lense in half, and stow them away in your jumpsuit or vest pocket for safe keeping and easy access. 
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