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Wide Angle Royal Lens
Royal Lens

Royal Lens

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    Why Use A Wide-Angle Lens?

    With a wide-angle lens, you can more easily include foreground subjects and emphasize the distance to the background. A wide-angle lens has a shorter focal distance than a normal lens. From any give spot an image is made with a wide-angle lens, it includes more field of view than with a normal lens. The Diamond 0.3x™ produces about a 110-degree field of view while the Stealth 0.5x™ produces about a 67-degree field of view (actual field of view depends on your camcorder's specifications). Whether you prefer to use the Diamond 0.3x™ or the Stealth 0.5x™ depends on how far away you think you might usually want to be from your subject. 
    The Platinum 0.2x™ is the perfect lens for the experienced tandem master using a handy-cam video system.

    The Platinum 0.2x™, The Diamond 0.3x™ and the Stealth 0.5x™ wide-angle lenses are useful for taking pictures where space is limited. If you were taking a picture of your family around a Christmas tree in your living room, a wide-angle lens would be ideal. As it may be advantageous to get as much as possible in your image, with only being able to stand so far away from your subjects in this example. 

    Anything from the first person perspective is an ideal situation for the Diamond 0.3x™ wide-angle lens. If you are wearing any sort of hand/helmet/belly/body mount, The Platinum 0.2x™ and the Diamond 0.3x™ will allow you a very full image from the camera's perspective. In close action/extreme sports are shot exceptionally well with the Platinum 0.2x™ and the Diamond 0.3x™. 

    The same is true for any interview-type situation. The Diamond 0.3x™ will allow you to have an encompassing image of your subject while still allowing you to be up-close and personal. 

    The Stealth 0.5x™ is useful for wanting to gain a wide field of view, but not needing to be 'right on top of the situation'. 

    The lenses are able to zoom in only until the half-way point. This is a limitation due to the nature of a single element lens. It is a compromise for the small physical size of the lenses. 

    A wide-angle lens is a necessary addition to any photographer's or vidoegrapher's arsenal. Whether your hurling yourself out of airplanes, grinding a skateboard, creating documentaries on the street or just filming family or friends, you'll find The Platinum 0.2x™,Diamond 0.3x™ and the Stealth 0.5x™ a significant enhancement to your shooting. 

    Vignettes ('black corners') are an imperfection of many popular wide angle lenses.
    Vignettes make footage unusable in the world of digital video.
    Sometimes, our cameras do not show a vignette on our LCD screens or on our TV screens, but they show when downloaded on to a PC.
    Don't risk having less usable footage than you could have.
    The Platinum 0.2x™, The diamond 0.3x™ and Stealth 0.5x™ have No Vignette!
    Even when downloaded onto an uncropped field such as a PC editing program.
    Features Diamond 0.3x:
    - Ultra High Quality 0.3x Wide Angle Lens 
    - 110-degrees Field of View 
    - Super Low Profile (8mm in length, 44mm in diameter) 
    - Single Element Construction (Glass) 
    - Durable Anodized Auminum Casing 
    - Minimal Barrel Distortion 
    - NO Vignette ('black corners') 
    - Three standard Thread Sizes: 25mm, 30mm and 37mm, 
    - Lens Cap included 

    Features Stealth 0.5x: 
    Ultra High Quality 0.5x Wide Angle Lens 
    Super Low Profile (8mm in length, 44mm in diameter) 
    67-degrees Field of View 
    Single Element Construction (Glass) 
    Durable Anodized Casing 
    Minimal Barrel Distortion 
    NO Vignette ('black corners') 
    Three Standard Thread Sizes: 25mm, 30mm and 37mm 
    Lens Cap included 

    Features Platinum 0.2x: 
    180-degree field of view *
    Super Low Profile (12mm in length, 44mm in diameter) 
    Dual Element, Resilient Glass Construction
    Durable Anodized Aluminum Casing 
    Low Distortion Fish-Eye Lens
    Absolutely NO Vignette ('black corners')**
    Three standard Thread Sizes: 25mm, 30mm and 37mm
    Adaptable Thread Sizes: 27mm, 28mm, 30.5mm, 34mm, 37.5mm, 40.5mm, 43mm
    Lens Cap/Case included

    If you have a Sony Camcorder, you will most likely be able to fit The Platinum 0.2x™, The Diamond 0.3x or Stealth 0.5x directly onto your camera's lens!

    The Platinum 0.2x™, the Diamond 0.3x™ Stealth 0.5x™ are extremely small in physical size. Most other wide-angle lenses are over THREE times as big in length.

    Measurement chart:
    Diameter 44mm (1 1/4 in)
    Length (depth) 8 mm (5/16 in)

    The small size has many benefits. It puts less stress and wear on the camera's frame and lens. It minimizes vibrations and camera shake since it is more than 1/4 the size of other lenses. The chance of a riser strike on your camera's lens is decreased. as well as contact with any other object.
    Sony Camcorders :
    30mm: pc-1, pc-3, pc-4, pc-5, pc-8, pc-9, pc-101, pc-105, trv-11, trv-19, trv-22, trv-27, trv-33, trv-38, ip-5, ip-7, ip-55, ip-220 

    37mm: pc-7, pc-10, pc-100, pc-110, pc-115, pc-120, pc-330, trv-20, trv-30, trv-50, trv-70, trv-80 trv-950 
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