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Sapphire Professional
Sapphire Professional


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    This quality altimeter by Robnik is made with stainless steel axles and pinion. Bearings are made from sapphire and won't wear out like brass bearings do. Large dial with superior readability. Filtered air inlet to keep dust particles out. Excellent shock resistant housing. Comes with wrist or hand mount band. Available in many colors. 
    Our altimeters are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship and will be serviced orexchanged (our decision) without charge during a three year period (from date of purchase), provided they have not been modified, abused or tampered with and the defect has not been caused by an excessive mechanical shock. If the damage has been caused by some sort of impact (like dropping the instrument on the floor, or a collision during exit or freefall) we have to charge for the repair.

    Our altimeters are calibrated to 1.5% FSD (standard condition, within the dial range) based on Standard
    Atmosphere N.A.C.A. Report Number 538.

    The velcro and elastic-straps have a limited life, they are available as spare-parts and need to be replaced by the owner as necessary. If an altimeter is lost because of a worn-out velcro or elastic-strap, it cannot be replaced under warranty.

    The color of the casing and dial will vary slightly with aging and exposure to sunlight and are not guaranteed.

    Never make an instrument to the sole means to determine when to start the seperation, when to open your parachute or any other safety related procedure. Your own judgement should always be the determining factor. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for injury or damage to property, caused by too early or too late initiated separation, deployment of the parachute or any other safety related procedure, even in the event of a malfunction of our product.

    Welcome to our online catalog. Here you will find the latest in top-of-the-line modern skydiving gear. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or suggestions about skydiving related topics. Our qualified team will be happy to advise you thanks to 30 years experience. Each member of our team is a certified AFF instructor, Tandem Instructor, as well as FAA certificated Rigger.

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