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Sensei 21-cell

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    Nearly ten years in research and development make the Sensei Project the longest test-piloting program of any ram-air canopy in history. Now Aerodyne Research has teamed with master designer Brian Germain to bring this elegant canopy design to the marketplace. In order to shave some of the increased drag experienced at high speeds, the Sensei uses a 21-cell cross-braced infrastructure. This makes it a beautifully proportioned wing, configured into seven cells. Twenty eight tiny but incredibly strong suspension lines constructed of High Modulus Aramid fiber are coated for extra wear resistance. These low drag lines are essential for preservation of energy. We know you worked hard for your airspeed, and we want you to keep it all the way to the entry gate. The carefully sculpted airfoil is a novel "Fat-Tail" design, with a greater thickness at the trailing edge to create superior stability when maneuvering with rear risers, especially when pulling high Gs around the corner, down in the power band. The reduced span at the trailing edge makes the canopy more responsive to toggle input during ground effect and throughout the flare. The Sensei comes with your choice of 350 or 450 HMA lines. Available sizes: 71, 81, 91, 101, 111, and 121 sq ft.
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