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Neptune 2
Neptune 2

Neptune 2

Price: $290.00

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    The Altimaster Neptune 2 was designed in response to requests from pond swoopers wanting a waterproof altimeter, from AFF instructors wanting a digital readout, and jumpers who wanted an easier way to program their digital instruments

    Only available in Black or Blue. Other colors have been discontinued

    Set up groups of audible alarms to notify you of different altitudes during freefall and under canopy.
    Neptune has four groups of labeled alarms, each with three altitude settings.

    Neptune will sound (loudly!) in freefall at the altitudes you program, and give you quieter 'chirps' under canopy. 
    What you hear (click each alarm attachment below to hear the alarm):
    Freefall alarms are programmable in 100 foot increments, and canopy alarms in 10 foot increments.


    Get the latest Neptune features for free
    proof, not just water resistant
    User friendly menu system
    Automatically changes to GROUND, AIRCRAFT, FREEFALL and CANOPY modes
    Display can be electronically flipped
    Electroluminescent backlight
    Selectable units: feet or meters
    Audible Alarm Details
    Four groups of personalized audible alarm settings
    Canopy alarms adjustable in 10' increments
    Freefall alarms adjustable in 100' increments
    Logbook Details
    Detailed logbook to record your skydives electronically
    Logs CRW, wingsuit, hop & pop, and high altitude jumps
    Infrared interface for downloading log to 
    Paralog client software
    Other Features
    Automatic calibration for DZ altitude (manual override is available)
    40,000+++ feet MSL altitude range
    Altitude is measured 16 times a second to ensure accuracy
    Training mode simulates normal freefall and descent rate for normal deployment, high speed and low speed malfunctions
    Uses 1 commonly available DL2450 battery


    Oops! You forgot to log your jumps last weekend: did you make 5 jumps Saturday, or was it 6? Was the 2nd jump on Sunday that sweet 4-way, or was it a 2-way head-down? How long was that wingsuit jump - 2 minutes or 3?
    Don't waste your brain space trying to remember what jumps you did! Let your Neptune take care of it all: see the date, time, and all the stats you need for all your jumps. Download them to Paralog and save them on your computer. (Note: Paralog is not an Alti-2 product and is available at additional cost)
    There is no time limit to your jumps - Neptune will record the longest freefall you can make (safely, of course).
    ~ logbook entry details ~
    Last 10 Jumps
    • Jump #
    • Date
    • Time
    • Exit Altitude
    • Deployment Altitude
    • Freefall time
    • Speed (vertical) at 12, 9, 6, & 3000'
    • Avg Speed
    • Alarm group used
    • Full profile (downloadable to PC)
    Last 200 Jumps
    • Jump #
    • Date
    • Time
    • Exit Altitude
    • Deployment Altitude
    • Freefall time
    • Speed (vertical) at 12, 9, 6, & 3000'
    • Avg Speed
    • Alarm group used
    Extended Log (100+ jumps)
    • Jump #
    • Date
    • Freefall time
    The number of jumps in the extended log is dependent on memory usage
    Logbook Summary
    • Total number of jumps
    • Total freefall time
    Editing facilities
    • Logbook on/off
    • Delete a jump
    • Delete logbook
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