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    The NeoXs is the latest in the family of audible instruments designed and built by Parasport. It is directly born from the experience of the Skytronic GFX, completing it when the GFX is used as visual altimeter installed on the wrist mount. 
    Main features of the 
    NeoXs include freefall signals, canopy warnings, countdown timer, real time altitude display while climbing to altitude, and the simplified programming of warning altitudes, using 4 user programmable profiles.
    Each warning altitude is recognizable by a unique and loud audible signal. Freefall altitudes are set at 100 feet (25 meters) increments, while canopy warnings are set at 10 feet (5 meters) increments.

    The NeoXs has also been designed to be easy to inexperienced users too. The ergonomic Navigation Switch allows an intuitive use and an easy programming of the different altitude warnings on the ground as well as climbing to altitude.

    The unit has aluminium case and has a wide LCD display protected by a polycarbonate shield, being therefore highly shock resistant.

    The NeoXs has been designed to be inserted into the inner pocket of a helmet without using any specific adapter. It's compatible with any helmet, full face or open face. Because of the small size and the 12 mm of thickness of the lightweight aluminium case, the NeoXs doesn’t affect helmet fit and comfort once inserted into the inner pocket.

    It's fully compatible with the Z1 HP IAS and Z1 EVO IAS by using the specific adapter (available separately).

    • Microprocessor based audible altimeter
    • Wide size LCD
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Ergonomic Navigation Switch
    • Aluminium case
    • Real time altitude indicator
    • Altitude range: 0-21,500 ft (0-9.000 meters)
    • Up to three separate freefall altitude warnings
    • Freefall warning altitude set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments
    • Freefall altitude warning goes off only at freefall speed
    • Up to three separate low speed altitude warnings
    • Low speed altitude warning set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments
    • Powerful audible signals, distinct and easily recognizable
    • Countdown timer
    • Up to 4 customizable user profiles
    • Self-calibration (manual reset allowed), self-test, no power-on, ultra-low consumption
    • Easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude
    • Batteries: 1 x CR2430
    • Size 39 x 55 x 12 mm
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