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Mirage G3 Package with ZP 7-Cell

Item #: MS-G3-PKG-7C
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    Build your own rig by selecting the options, main and reserve parachutes!!

    We started it all with the G3 or (Generation 3) and it has all been a whirlwind from there. We took an already outstanding product and improved on it making the G4.


    Materials suitable for a life-saving device.

    Properly maintained, your Mirage harness/container system will last for years through thousands of jumps. We've made every effort to find and use the best materials available. Several manufacturers offer lower grade, less durable materials in order to lower their manufacturing costs. Do you really want cheap materials in a life saving device? We didn't think so.


    Build your rig with the experts at Mirage.

    The true secret of Mirage Systems' success lies in our experience. The production employees of Mirage Systems have been building harness/containers longer than most people have been skydiving. Their experience allows us to set higher standards for quality than are found elsewhere in the skydiving industry. The staff takes pride in the fine detail of their work. Mirage Systems may not be the largest container manufacturer in the industry, but we are committed to being the best.


    Improvements you can feel.

    The new G4 yoke is a 2 piece "split" design with several advantages. It allows the reserve risers to flow more naturally over the shoulders and into the reserve container, resulting in a more supple, comfortable feel around the neck. It is more adaptable to variations in reserve pack jobs. It also allows a smaller reserve pin cover flap, which needs smaller tuck tabs, which in turn makes the reserve easier to pin check.


    You'll forget you are wearing a rig!

    With the exception of the backpad area, all Mirage containers carry identical padding. The legstrap padding is thick, firm and practically indestructible, so that even after thousands of jumps they will feel as comfortable as they do on Day one. The harness padding is mostly over the shoulders, where the rig rests. On the Unisyn harness all ring locations are also padded, so no hardware contacts the wearer.


    Your rig moves with you, not against you.

    Much of the comfort of a rig comes from the way the harness conforms to the user's body. The Mirage Unisyn harness was specifically designed to flex at the natural junction points of the human body. This design has helped to eliminate harness buckling and twisting, as the harness takes straight paths between junction points. The Unisyn moves with you, on the ground and in the air, so well that some users have said it didn't feel like they had a rig on.


    Virtually eliminate rig shifting.

    For increased comfort and stability, Mirage Systems added an elastic lumbar support across the lower container to comfortably snug the G4 to your lower back without cutting into you. The Elastic Lumbar Support gently provides lower back support while stabilizing the container, making the jumper and container feel more as one. This feature is adjustable, replaceable, and permanently removable. Those who prefer a more fixed solution may select Inset Stabilizers for their G4 at no extra charge.


    Your canopy never peeks out!

    In freefall loose flaps are sloppy, distracting and potentially downright dangerous. Mirage containers are well known for staying closed until YOU want them open. In fact, our main pin protection is so tight that the main pin cover doesn't even come open on deployment. We have zero bridle exposure, and our riser cover security sets the industry standard for reliability.


    Rigs designed with high speed flying in mind.

    Freeflying pushes any rig to the limit by applying high aerodynamic forces at arbitrary angles. At these speeds and attitudes loose flaps and premature deployments are absolutely unacceptable. Mirage containers are designed with these principles in mind because vertical flying is the most challenging environment that a rig will be called to deal with. Bridle exposure, riser retention, pin covers and other critical components are all tested and proven to provide Mirage owners with confidence and peace of mind.


    Maximum security where it counts.

    Pin protection on both main and reserve containers is critical to safety. Accidental pin releases caused by brushing against something when sitting down in the plane, the door on exit, other jumpers in freefall, or lines in a canopy collision can lead to unintended and/or out of sequence deployments. The design of the Mirage provides the most pin security currently available in the industry


    Fast reserve deployment, only when needed.

    Our reserve pin cover flap uses a unique pocket to tuck away the flap ends. The tongue of the pin cover slips into a pocket in the center flap, and contains a built-in hinge to assist separation during reserve deployment. Furthermore, because the pocket opening is located directly over the outside edge of the reserve pilot chute cap, the deployment force of the reserve pilot chute spring serves to untuck (slide out) rather than unfold (bend out) the reserve pin cover and #6 flap. This helps preserve pilot chute energy for the main job - launching your reserve.


    They stay put regardless of your attitude.

    We at Mirage Systems believe that tuck tab riser covers are the best possible way to armor an area of the container that would otherwise be extremely vulnerable to wind forces. Our tuck tabs are designed modularly, to facilitate in-field replacement. The attachment location is placed over the shoulder, near the front of the rig, to allow for variation in reserve pack jobs. The profile of the tuck tabs is squared, for positive retention and fixed release force. Mirage Systems guarantees that our tuck tab riser covers will work as they were designed for the life of the container.


    Lines and toggles remain secure in freefall.

    We also provide secondary riser covers. These small riser covers are located under the main riser covers, along the side of the reserve container, to contain the main toggles and steering lines. They prevent any sort of displacement or accidental deployment during multi-attitude (back or head to earth) jumps.



    Give your rig the edge it needs to stand out.

    Since the beginning Mirage Systems has offered customers the option of adding a finishing touch to the center flap for a minimal fee. Piping is a thin accent stripe in between the center flap stripes. These accent stripes add distinction throughout the center flap. Many of our customers choose piping to add a conservative splash of color to their design.


    Design a kaleidoscope of tye-dye colors.

    This option probably has the most dramatic effect on a Mirage color design. Each flap tie-dyed is hand wrapped and dyed to create either a marble, spiral, or custom pattern. The process involves dyeing the lighter colored fabric with a desired darker color. The greater the contrast the better the tie-dye appears. Some fabrics can be dyed in multiple colors to create a very unique container design. Multiple dyes on one fabric do cost slightly more than the standard tie-dye rate. Tie-dye prices are either "full" or "partial", depending on how much of the total container is dyed.

    Please note that not all tie-dye color combinations "work". For example, red and green usually mix to form brown.


    The rig speaks for itself - name tag optional.

    A number of Mirage Systems corporate logos are available to be applied to custom containers, all at no charge. These logos are sewn in any available thread color of your choice, on a number of different flap locations. The G4 and G3 come standard with "MIRAGE" on the #1 flap (yoke), which is required. They also come standard with "Mirage" on the right ring cover and the Mirage Systems "alien" logo on the left ring cover. These ring cover logos can be deleted or replaced with customer logos at additional cost. Mirage sidewall logos are also available at no charge, but are only applied to custom rigs by request.


    Instant messaging for your rig!

    Simple text embroidery, with no graphics, is available to personalize your rig at low cost. Text embroidery is typically applied to the ring covers, sidewalls, cutaway handle or soft reserve handle. The latter two locations are popular because they make it easy to "de-personalize" a rig prior to resale.


    You show it, we sew it. Now that's custom!

    Complex graphic logos can also be applied to a custom rig during manufacture. The logos must be sized appropriately (10" x 3"on a sidewall, 2.5" x 2.5" on a ring cover) and will be billed according to their complexity (stitch count). Embroidery machines use a special format digital file to tell it how to sew an image. These files are generated from original artwork, such as a digital JPEG file, using specialized software. If you already have the digital stitch file in a format we can read, from previous apparel embroidery for example, you can forward that to us by email for production use.

    If you supply us with artwork which we must digitize into a stitch file, there is an additional one-time charge for this service which can run into hundreds of dollars for complex designs. Contact us directly for further information and specific pricing on your job.


    Hardware options provide polish, durability, and value.

    Mirage Systems gives you two choices of top quality hardware. Our Cadmium hardware is standard on all container and harness types and sizes including friction adapters and three rings. It provides a durable, yet economical solution for those who purchase our base model.

    Our optional premium hardware is made from high-quality Stainless Steel. It never rusts, pits, or loses its shiny, polished look. As an added benefit, Stainless hardware typically increases the resale value of your harness/container system.


    Pick the 3-ring system that's right for you.

    For their compact style, mini-rings have become our most popular 3-ring option. They provide you the choice of either 1" (mini, type-17) or 2" (type-8) risers, and under normal loads produce only a slight degradation in performance over the larger standard rings. If you prefer standard rings, your selection of risers is limited to the 2" (type-8) variety. Standard rings provide a slightly more efficient release, and may be appropriate under heavier loads.


    Your harness will remain securely in place with any choice of these fine Mirage friction adaptors.

    Mirage Systems offers three types of leg strap friction adaptors. Standard and Nickel harness hardware configurations come equipped with our Cadmium plated, large frame, quick fit adaptor. Those who have opted for Stainless Steel hardware may choose from two additional styles; a two-piece locking design, or a small frame, slide bar, quick fit design.

    Note: The unthreading and threading of the small frame friction adaptor is possible, but much more difficult.


    Technology enabled security, comfort, and mobility - in a harness!

    Mirage Systems takes pride in its ability to offer the most comfortable harness/container systems on the market. We build three strong, comfortable harnesses from which you may choose.

    Our standard harness is available with every size and model container we offer. It benefits from 25 years of accumulated harness research and development, while providing you with the best fit and comfort available in a non-articulating design.

    Our hip-ring design is available for those who require increased flexibility to perform manuevers in their harness. Rather than stitching, a piece of hardware is installed at the lower junction of the harness. This allows coordinated movements at any angle while eliminating the binding of harness materials.

    For those who desire maximum security, flexibilty, and comfort, we offer the greatest achievement in harness design to date. We call it the Unisyn. The Unisyn harness is the most articulating, conforming harness on the market. By re-engineering the way we attach harness components, we were able to position both hip and chest rings without compromise. We designed a harness that effortlessly moves where you do.

    Choose the harness that's right for your needs!


    Side-to-side stability provides extra control.

    Stabilizers are the portions of the container that extend from the lower corners of the main container forward to connect with the harness. Their function is to connect the lower portion of the container to the harness while "stabilizing" it from moving from side to side. The stabilizers work best if the jumper is slightly wider than the container.

    To more closely conform to the jumper's body, we offer Inset Stabilizers as an option. These stabilizers attach to the backpad inboard of the outer edge of the container. This is especially useful for jumpers with a small waistline.

    On the Unisyn harness the stabilizers are padded for additional comfort.


    Keep your leg straps in place during high performance maneuvers.

    Mirage Systems was there and you were heard! After receiving many requests from freestyle and freeflying jumpers, Mirage responded by providing retainer options for the jumper who often experiences leg strap movement during sit-flying and other aerobatic maneuvers. All components are easily field replaceable. Check them out!

    The Bungee Leg Strap Retainer is a piece of 1/8 inch shock cord is slipped through a keeper on the inside of each leg pad, and knotted off on each endThe Fancy Pants elastic leg strap retainer attaches in a V shaped manner, keeping the leg straps from slipping down your legs while bending at the waist.


    Fine tuned performance, reliability - in colors!

    Thanks to great feedback from our dealers and customers our Anti-twist Armored Risers have undergone incremental upgrades over the past few years. For example, our risers now have a clamp on the hard housing inside the sheath. We build the most durable risers possible, but please take care of your equipment so that it can take care of you!

    Available colors are: White, Blackberry, Red, Charcoal, Gold, Yellow, Navy, Royal Blue, Silver, Jade, and Black.

    If you are ordering replacement risers, please specify the length (18" 20" 22"), color, webbing type (Mini or Large), toggle type (Velcro, Velcroless), ring size (Mini or Standard), and hardware type (Standard or Stainless Steel).


    Innovative Velcro or Velcro-less designs

    We've come to the conclusion that no single design will appeal to all jumpers, so we continue to offer a choice of either Velcro or Velcro-less risers/toggles.

    The Velcro toggles are quickly and easily mated with their respective riser. Additionally, a Velcro keeper is provided for excess steering line stowage.

    Gold is the standard color, but you can also choose Red, White, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, or Black.


    You grasp for it, and it's there. Enough said!

    We strive to have the safest rig possible, and we don't stop when it comes to our hook knives. When you order a hook knife from Mirage Systems you will receive a 4" aluminum knife with a narrow "mouth" to the blade. The narrow mouth is designed to keep fingers from accidentally being cut. Most hook knives on the market are made with a plastic handle which can break or snap during use. This is simply unacceptable!


    Familiarity is everything when it comes to deployment!

    At Mirage Systems, we offer a choice of several styles of main deployment.

    The "Pull-Out" and "BOC Throw-out" deployment methods enjoy industry-wide acceptance. While Mirage recommends the BOC Throw-out deployment style, we offer both styles to accomodate jumpers who have become accustomed to one or the other. When it comes to deployment, familiarity ensures safety!

    BOC Throw-out

    Our Bottom of Container Thow-out deployment system features complete bridle protection and double-layered, high-performance spandex for maximum security and reliability. The main pilot chute's bridle runs securely behind the right main side-flap. When deployed, this bridle removes a curved pin from the closing loop that secures the contents of the container.


    Experienced jumpers who prefer Pull-out style deployment may opt for our Velcro-less pull-out system. Call Mirage Systems for further details.


    Flying 200mph? Pick the handle that's right for you!

    The Mirage Systems standard BOC main handle is comprised of tubular plastic surrounding the main pilot chute webbing. However, we recommend one of the following state-of-the-art handle options:

    Hacky Handle

    Comfortable leather ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. We offer two sizes of hacky: standard and extra-large. They are custom built in your choice of one or two of the following leather colors: Black, Navy Blue, Charcoal, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Blueberry, Magenta, Jade, Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Lime Green, Yellow, Lemon, Tangerine, White, Dark Green, Turquoise, Light Blue, Lavender, Orange, Gold, Apple, or Neon Yellow.

    Freefly Handle

    For skydivers who demand additional main pilot chute protection, we offer the Mirage Freefly Handle. This low-profile main deployment handle uses a Velcro-less tuck-tab and the existing bridle protection flap to securely hold the BOC pilot chute in place. The freefly handle is built in a fashion that makes it difficult to accidentally dislodge, but easy to deploy at pull time using a fingertip grab. Freefly handles come in all Mirage container fabric colors.

    Freefly Hacky Handle

    For those of you who just can't seem to make up your mind, we now offer the Freefly Hacky Handle! It offers much of the same protection as the Mirage Freefly Handle, but with the ever familiar ball-in-palm feel. It is made of leather and is available with all of the same color options as the Hacky Handle above.


    Safety with a softie!

    The standard Mirage Systems reserve ripcord handle is a metal mini D-ring design.

    We also offer a soft reserve ripcord handle, which looks and feels similar to the cutaway handle. It is very resistant to inadvertent snagging and floating, is offered in any color, and may be embroidered. The soft handle is great for use in conjunction with the Unisyn harness, avoiding the introduction of a stiff handle into a very flexible harness style. Both Free-flyers and Flat-flyers benefit from the use of this handle, but because of its resistance to snagging, Free-flyers consider this handle a must!


    Instant deployment of your reserve upon cutaway!

    The Reserve Static Line system consists of a lanyard between the left main riser and the reserve ripcord. It is designed to use the mechanical force of the released main risers after a cutaway to pull the reserve ripcord pin. It is not guaranteed to function properly and should not be relied upon to activate your reserve. The standard RSL is a bronze fixed-ball snap shackle. The stainless steel RSL is a hot-forged Stainless Steel fixed-ball snap shackle. Both styles use a full release arm.


    Extra padding for long days at the dropzone.

    Building the most comfortable rig on the market requires thoughtfulness and ingenuity. Our standard backpads have been used for years by faithful Mirage jumpers who have spent long days at the dropzone without discomfort. However, if your back is sensitive to the extreme pressures of skydiving or simply wearing a fully loaded rig around the dropzone, we provide you with the option of a deluxe backpad on our G-3 models.


    In a hurry? Try our rush delivery service.

    Mirage Systems believes that quick delivery times are an integral part of good customer service. For this reason we strive to keep our delivery times as short as possible, making ALL of our deliveries a "rush" delivery. Mirage Systems does, however, offer a 'No later than' service for those customers who need or want their container shipped by a specific date. This helps those who really need their rig for a specific itinerary, or even those who simply enjoy instant gratification. 'No later than' rigs are essentially handheld through production and shipping by the production manager and the customer service manager. Due to the additional work required and the need to maintain fairness to all customers, we strictly adhere to the following rush fee schedule.

    Please note:

    • All rush orders must be approved by Mirage management prior to Mirage accepting the order (this is so that we can check materials, etc).
    • All rush orders are prepay only.
    • Mirage accepts no liability due to our inability to meet a rush delivery deadline. If Mirage ships late, however, the ENTIRE fee will be refunded.
    • Sizing alterations can be made, but shall not be the basis of a late delivery.
    • Shipping date guarantees are confirmed only after receipt of payment and a fully completed order form.

    Fee Schedule - To guarantee a delivery date

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