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Icarus Reserve
Icarus Reserve
Icarus Reserve
Icarus Reserve

Icarus Reserve

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    ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD and has designed a state-of-the-art wing that provides fast, accurate and reliable openings as well as unique flight characteristics for a reserve canopy. From the safety and reliability of the opening, you continue your flight under the ICARUS Reserve, with unparalleled flight and landing performance. The ICARUS Reserve meets the industry’s highest requirements for safety and performance - TSO C23d (FAA) and ETSO C23d (EASA).
    The suspension lines are 725lb Spectra, with the lower steering lines made of 1000lb Spectra. Line
    attachment points are secured with double bartacks for higher strength. ICARUS Reserve Spectra lines are coated to assure better protection during packing, opening and after landing, better resisting damage from bushes, sand, Velcro hook, etc….
    The ICARUS Reserve slider includes an opening in the center and extra reinforcement to ensure fast and reliable openings.
    The ICARUS Reserve is manufactured under the highest Quality Control standards. All materials
    are thoroughly inspected and tested according to military (MIL SPECS) standards. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled under ISO 9001:2000, NATO AQAP 2120, EN9100:2003 for Aerospace Quality Standard, EASA Part 21A.G.

    Selecting the appropriate ICARUS Reserve canopy.
    To select the appropriate ICARUS Reserve size for a jumper, several factors must be taken into consideration. Some of these factors are legal limits and must be respected.
    To select the appropriate ICARUS Reserve size, it must be considered the jumper’s MAXIMUM EXIT WEIGHT. Make sure that the jumper’s MAXIMUM EXIT WEIGHT complies with the certified one for each ICARUS Reserve canopy size, in accordance with FAA TSO C23(d) and EASA ETSO C23d requirements.
    The MAXIMUM EXIT WEIGHT for a reserve canopy size is a legal limit. This parachute was tested under US FAA TSO C23(d) and EASA ETSO C23d to maximum exit weights of 255 lbs(116kg). It is forbidden to use any ICARUS Reserve parachute with an exit weight exceeding the MAXIMUM EXIT WEIGHT for which each canopy is certified for.
    The MAXIMUM EXIT WEIGHT is detailed on the warning label sewn on each ICARUS Reserve, in the ICARUS Reserve manual and in all product documentation that can be found in the ICARUS Canopies website (www.icaruscanopies.aero).

    Other suggested factors to be taken into consideration are the jumper’s level of experience. Level of experience may vary from person to person and depends also on number of jumps, type of jumps,basic and additional training and jumper’s skills.
    Drop Zone physical placement (elevation, winds, weather, ground conditions, etc…) should also be considered. All these factors influence the performance of any given main and reserve canopy.

    We recommend to select the ICARUS Reserve canopy size as similar as possible to the main canopy for safety considerations.

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