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Item #: AD1001
Retail: $1,349.00 Price: $1,299.00
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    Over 75,000 CYPRES 2 Units in Use!

    As the next generation of CYPRES, CYPRES 2 combines tried and true quality and reliability with new achievements, technology, and discoveries made during the past 12 years of continued research and development.

    Proven parameters remain the same:
    - activation altitudes
    - activation velocities
    - user interface (single push button)
    - loop cutting system
    - CYPRES closing loop
    - 14 hours run time

    Optimized parameters:
    - Self-test is completed in 10 seconds
    - Changing altitude reference - same procedure but faster
    CYPRES-2 Advantages: 
    • 20+ years of experience, 1000’s of real saves
    • 12.5 year lifetime warranty
    • No user battery replacement – no cost to user for batteries, ever!
    • Predictable cost of ownership
    • Superior cutter design, has always cut the loop cleanly, even with no tension on the loop
    • Unique V-cut technolory
    • Three times as powerful as other cutter systems
    • Full force in one cutting intersection
    • 21,000+ loops cleanly cut, ZERO FAILURES
    • Superior reserve container closing loop system
    • Waterproof: 5 foot depth for 24 hours
    • Proactive, scheduled maintenance to ensure continued accurate operation and to perform any applicable updates (see next section for further info)
    • No chance to accidentally switch to another setting mode
    • Will not accidentally activate if aircraft is over-pressurized on the ground or in flight
    • No need to avoid opening the door of the plane during flight in the activation region to avoid pressure variations which could result in an unexpected activation
    • No need to switch off before traveling in a closed vehicle (car, bus, train ...) to avoid unexpected cutter activation
    • No need to reset if there is a change in atmospheric pressure of more than 10 hPa for optimal precision – CYPRES automatically tracks weather changes throughout the day
    • No need to verify that CYPRES is within 10 hPa of a calibrated barometer
    • 20+ years since the first production unit was produced
    • 153,000 units produced (83,000 CYPRES + 70,000 CYPRES 2)
    • 3,000+ skydivers saved from death
    • 100,000,000+ jumps
    • CYPRES has never failed to activate and cut the loop when the conditions were met

    Price is subject to change due to currency fluctuation.

    CYPRES-2 Maintenance Includes: 
    • Repair of any wear or tear
    • Diagnostics
    • Data analysis
    • Disassembly
    • Complete inspection
    • Extreme temperature tests
    • Temperature cycling tests
    • Temperature stability check and adjustment
    • Shielding check
    • Cutter testing
    • Battery replacement (no extra cost)
    • Filter replacement
    • Applicable updates – hardware, software, improvements
    • Artificial aging of any new components
    • Re-assembly
    • Complete calibration and analysis
    • Flight performance testing (activation/non-activation)
    • Power consumption test and analysis
    • Output power verification
    • Final functional testing

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